Best Practice on developing zoom app in different environments, eg. local, staging, UAT and PROD

We are developing an app for our use-case which accepts some webhook events from zoom. eg. Meeting started, Meeting ended etc.

Which App?
Its an app in development, not published yet.

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

Currently, we have different apps in each environment, i.e. local, staging, UAT and PROD ( this will be published on release of the product)

For current local development, we use ngrok to get all the events. For other environments, we have dedicated URL and servers to accept the webhooks.

If a developer is subscribed to all the applications, He gets the webhooks to each of those environments, which is actually correct, It also triggers the functionalities within our application, which includes starting a live stream, to a custom streaming server which is different for each of the environment from the zoom meeting.

Now zoom does not stream to all of those servers separately and instead, it abruptly stops the live stream on the zoom meeting itself.

We would like to know if a separate zoom app for each environment is a good idea, or there is some other best practice that we are missing.

Hey @vishesh,

I would suggest using one app for the different environments, since OAuth and Chatbot apps provide you with two environments, development / local and production.