Issues with virtual background on Zoom Web SDK version 2.10

Dear all,

I am experiencing some problems using the virtual background feature on Zoom Web SDK version 2.10. I have successfully enabled virtual background using SharedArrayBuffer, but I am having trouble loading a background image from my developed web app.

Specifically, if I connect using Zoom Web SDK by entering the meeting ID and passcode, and defining the role as user/admin, the “Choose Virtual Background” option does not appear.

However, if I use the invitation link taken from the personal area and log in on a Chrome incognito tab, the virtual background selection works correctly.

I have not encountered any errors in the console and I am unable to understand the reason for this behavior. Could you please assist me in resolving this issue ?

Thank you in advance for your support and I remain available for further information.

@sviluppo ,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. This looks like a bug, thank you for reporting this behavior. Can you share the steps to reproduce the behavior? Include the screenshot/steps used to upload the background image. I will reproduce it on my end and submit a bug ticket if needed.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this.

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Hi Donte.

I am using the following code: meetingsdk-web-sample/CDN at master · zoom/meetingsdk-web-sample · GitHub
Using the code taken from GitHub to connect to the zoom, the add background button is not displayed. While if I enter the zoom with the link that provides zoom after creating the meeting, the button appears.

I am at your disposal for further clarifications

Hi Donte,
Do you have any news?

Thanks for following up on this issue. This looks like unintended behavior but I want to gather more details before submitting a ticket. When you say “if I enter the zoom with the link that provides zoom after creating the meeting, the button appears” are you logging into the meeting with the Zoom Web Client or the Zoom SDK? Here is the documentation for the Zoom Web Client for reference:

Zoom Web Client

Hi Donte!
I using the Zoom SDK for js. Specifically this library: meetingsdk-web-sample/CDN at master · zoom/meetingsdk-web-sample · GitHub.

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