It is this possible?

I need to create a Room at a specific day and time inside a customer web site, send an invitation to 2 people, the host and the guest, with a link that brings them inside the room, and when both are in, start a countdown. When the countdown reach zero, close the room, get the recording of what happened and store it.

It is possible doing something like that in ZOOM? Can someone direct me to the APIs I need to look at?

Thank you

that would be possible using our SDK. Please take a look at our SDKs here:

Even the JS SDK? I still have to delve into the documentation, but on top there is a big red alert that says JS SDK has lot more than the other SDKs :slight_smile:

Hi @flodi,

Right now the JSSDK is limited to other SDKs that we offer. You can use the join_url for the guest and start url for the host when sending invites[0]. The countdown functionality would be something your platform handles. From there you can end the meeting and get recordings with either our API or SDK.

[0] -