Zoom web SDK- allow attendee to wait in the waiting room even if the meeting is not started

Whenever a meeting is not started, an an user tries to join it, I get an error saying meeting is not yet started. I need to either allow him to wait in the waiting room or allow him to start the meeting. How can I achieve this?
I am using zoom web sdk

Hey @mitz.mulgaonkar,

You can turn on join before host.


Hello @tommy
Does web SDK supports waiting room when joined as attendee?

Hello @tommy

Not sure whether you got my question correctly. Actually what we needed is how to show waiting room through web SDK and whether it is supported in web SDK?
Also can we customize waitng room in web sdk?

Hey @srudrappa,

The waiting room does work with the Web SDK for both host and attendee.

Currently customizing the waiting room with the Web SDK is not supported.


can i create room meeting in Web SDK ?

Hey @dodigerman2,

You can create meetings with the Create Meeting API.


Tommy thanks,


You are welcome! :slight_smile: