Javascript SDK flexibility

I’ve been exploring the sample web app. How easy/possible is it to change the layout and look and feel of the javascript wasm based web client? It appears to me that a lot of it is wrapped up in a react/redux app that’s not part of the sample app but embedded in the minified externally referenced zoom-meeting-1.3.0.min.js?

Is it possible to make changes to that react app in any way?

Hi Ian, 

Currently, the sample web app wasn’t made to make any customizing changes since it includes react/redux. We’ll reach out to the Engineers to see if the next version can be made with pure javascript so that custom changes can be made. 


Thanks Micheal.

Look forward to that.

What kind of ballpark timeline are we talking?

Weeks, Months, Years?

Hi Lain

It will be months prob sometime mid to late 2019.  

Cheers Michelle. :wink:



Web SDK 2.0 will have the ability to customize the layout. :slight_smile:

Stay tuned here: