Zoom Web SDK Styling

Hi There,

We’re trying to integrate Zoom into our web application through the zoom Web SDK. I’ve been trying to figure out if there is a way to change the styles/look and feel of the generated meeting programmatically?

All we want is to add your video conferencing panels into our application. In order to do so, we need to know if we can change the styling of the zoom app generated through the zoom SDK.

Please see the image below, It shows how we are looking to integrate zoom into our application. We just need to show videos on the right-hand side along with our application. Is it possible at all?

Looking forward to your kind response.

Subhan Ahmed


Hi @subhan,

Right now our WebSDK does not have a capability to customize the look and feel right now outside or removing features such as screen share or chat. We are looking into expand our WebSDK for a customize look and feel in the future.


Hi Michael,

I need exactly the same: possibility to embed into my web application the audio/video streaming only (in a responsive div element). Do you already have a roadmap for adding this possibility to the WebSDK? When it will be available?

Thank you,

Hey @alessandro.feliziani,

We are working on making the Web SDK fully responsive. Follow our changelog here to be notified of release.

You could however implement your own CSS to accomplish this.