Join a call when device locked

Is it possible to join a call on Android phone even when the device is locked with a password without having to open the device?

Hi idit,

Thanks for the post. May I inquire what is the use case for this behavior? May I inquire more information about it?


Hi Carson,

The existing use case is:

  1. Our app is closed and the the device is locked with password.

  2. We send a notification from server to the our app.

  3. The app displays an incoming call screen above the lock screen.

  4. The user click on accept call.

  5. We call to ZoomUtils.getInstance().joinMeeting(…)

  6. The user is asked to enter the password of the device.

  7. The zoom app with the video meeting screen is displayed.

The expected scenario is:

After the user accept call, Zoom app should open without entering the password of the device.

(The same scenario without step 6)

Hi idit,

Thank you very much for providing the details. I will contact you directly regarding this.


@Carson_Chen I am also trying to implement this workflow, is there code that can be shared?

Hi @j.phillips,

Thanks for the reply. Please see my reply in this post: Joining a meeting when the phone is locked