Join another zoom meeting from current meeting



I integrated the Zoom Android SDK and have a customized UI. I have an activity that extends the SDK’s MeetingActivity. It works good when I join the first Zoom meeting. Now if I want to join another Zoom meeting and end the current Zoom meeting while staying in the current activity that extends the MeetingActivity, how can I do it?

Basically is there a way to switch to another Zoom meeting seamlessly while user stays in the customized android activity?

Thank you in advance!

Hi @gerger, thanks for the post.

The SDK only has control over the default UI, which will exist for the lifespan of one meeting. If you are implementing a custom meeting UI, you could display the same UI between meetings, but that would not be within the scope of the SDK’s functionality. Note that if you take this approach, you will not be able to display any MobileRTCVideoView elements while not in a meeting.


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