Join issue about retry

Do the web sdk provide a function to retry joining if I join failed at the first time?

Which version?
v 1.7.0

Additional context
Sometimes attendee come into the webinar before the meeting started, and I will make the page keeps showing meeting is not started as a lint, and if the meeting is started by the host, attendees need to refresh page to join again

So I want to add a polling function to retry joining in this situation, or it will be appreciate if you can provide another alternative to solve this issue.

Hey @llp0574, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

There is no built in retry function for the Web SDK, however you could implement logic in your code that handles the error message, and then retrys the Join function.

Or, you can try enabling Join Before host, but this only works for meetings.

Let me know if that helps!


Thanks, looking forward to your new release of WEB SDK!

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Happy to help @llp0574!