JOIN_MEETING_FAILED on Meeting Web SDK v2.9.0 and v2.9.5 using sample-web-app

Using the same config (e.g. token, username, meeting_id etc), we can’t join meeting on 2.9.0 and 2.9.5.
For the same set of config it works on 2.9.7, 2.10.0, and 2.10.1.

Browser Console Error
error: 200

Which Web Meeting SDK version?
2.9.0 and 2.9.5

Meeting SDK Code Snippets
Use sample-web-app

To Reproduce(If applicable)

If applicable, add screenshots to help explain your problem.

Troubleshooting Routes
The troubleshooting attempt types you’ve already exhausted, including testing with the appropriate sample app (found on Zoom · GitHub).

Device (please complete the following information):
All kinds of device and browser. It is broken for all our users.

Hi @shawngoh87
thanks for reaching out to us!
I see that you are having issues joining meeting with our Websdk on version 2.9.0 and 2.9.5
but no issues for the latest versions?

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