Zoom Joining meeting timeout. Fail to join the meeting

While joining the meeting then it shows “Fail to join the meeting.”

Joining meeting timeout. Fail to join the meeting.

Which Web Client SDK version?

Could you share more information such as console logs and the JWT token which you are using to join the meeting?

We are using OAuth configuration not used jWT.

For Meeting SDK - Web, to join a meeting successfully, you will need to

  1. create a Meeting SDK App Type,
  2. use the Client ID and Client Secret from the Meeting SDK App Type
  3. Sign a JWT token using the Client ID and Client Secret
  4. Use the token in step 3 within Meeting SDK - Web to authorize the SDK
  5. Join the meeting

We got the below response.

localJsonpCallback1({“status”:false,“errorCode”:3000,“errorMessage”:“The current sdk version is no longer supported, please upgrade to the latest version.”})

could you double check your web sdk version? It seems that it might be using a version which is < 2.6.0

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