Join meeting then open as default with chat panel

I’m using ZOOM WEB SDK in with Angular 8,

I’m getting success in JOIN meeting using WEB SDK,
But I need one more thing like When connect successfully and Join Meeting done then chat window needed open by default.

I’m adding here screenshots,
What is the current situation and what I have to implement,

Please help me out in my trouble.

Current ,

Do like this,

Hey @yashs018,

There is no built in way to do this. You could however use JavaScript to toggle the display of the chat.


Thanks for the replay,

After joining meeting function response
I try to implement click event on a chat button after 10 seconds so the view is ready in DOM, But can’t get success in that.

Have there any specific function or event, Where can I get the meeting is joined successfully and zoom view reader successfully?

Thanks, I get success, to open chat window

@yashs018 Glad that you were able to resolve the issue with opening chat.

Let us know if you need anything else.


I have one other question regarding JOIN meeting,

Currently I’m using with ZOOM JWT App,

Have it possible to use for join meeting using O’auth instead of JWT app?

How can I generate signature using O’auth type application?

Please help me out from this!

Hey @yashs018,

You can only generate the signature from JWT app right now.

See our upcoming changes for details about additional auth for the Web SDK:


@yashs018 please could you tell me how do you get success to open the chat on javascript?

Hey @houssam.hammoud,

Are you having issues opening the Chat window? Do you see the Chat button? Are there any errors in the browser console?


Hey @tommy all is good thanks

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Happy to hear! :slight_smile:


Hi Tommy can you guide me with some example of how to toggle the display of chat have been trying but not success until now. thanks

Hey @JuanLopez,

You can enable or disable the In Meeting Chat via the isSupportChat property in the ZoomMtg.init object.