Join meeting with Registrant token using meeting sdk (Android sdk)

Hi Team,

We have created meting using Oauth app and created registrant token for participants . Have downloaded meeting sdk for android. As per document shard by zoom team try to join in meeting using sample example given in downloaded sdk . JWT token created to initialize the zoom meeting sdk. We are able to initilize the SDK suing jwt token .
There is no option provided to join in meeting using registrant token. Could you guide how to join in meeting with token using Meeting SDK.

Did you able to solve the issue? I’m stucking with the same, able to initialize android sdk using the JWT token which was created using the client id and client secret, but when I join the meeting then it throws the error

@imvikaskohli @sriniv the registrant_token is part of the meeting url

for ex:************?tk=oO7u6zCgjO6SvDBwc3bU-nbVTtUfkZMbBrPCxcoOh5w.DQMAAAAUXgNQe

const registrantToken = new URL(meeting_url).searchParams.get('tk')

subsequently can use the above to get the token.