Join Ongoing call in a Channel

Today I was setting up Zoom Channel for my my friends charity work. They can’t afford paid plans of zoom so I thought Channel would be a better option for managing a small community with administrative channel setup. It’s working just fine except for one thing is if one participant miss to accept the Invitation Ringing or comes online late, s/he has no way of joining the meeting of his own. Although he is a member, there is no Join Ongoing Call button. Only way to add him to the meeting is to send him the join link or ID+Passcode. And it does create lots of disturbance in the meeting as it is happening to many members here.

I think we have enough APIs to implement this feature. So best possible solution would be to let members join the ongoing meeting through the link posted as message without Passcode or give a floating “Join Ongoing Call” button whenever there is a meeting going on.

Another alternative solution we can implement faster is being able to setup a fixed Passcode for a channel as we can do for personal meetings. In that way, the meeting IDs will be different but Passcode will be same. So people can still join from current setup by holding down the ongoing call message and putting the predefined fixed Passcode without pinging the host for Passcode to create disturbance.

Another context of this Channel feature is tutoring students personally. Most of the time students try to Zoom Bomb by fake Names and all. So letting the channel member directly join Channel Call but if someone from participants copy the meeting details and try to join using other non-member account, they will get stuck at waiting room.