Join Webinar with Panelist Role

Hi Zoom Team;

We deploy integration webinar on Web SDK.
There are docs for reference:

According to document, we don’t know / don’t see instruction about how to join Webinar with Panelist Role from Web SDK.

Please help us for this case.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Hi @anhnt,

Thank you for using the Developer Forum. To join the Webinar as a panelists, you will need to join with the value 0 for joining. Please note, panelists are not able to start a meeting. This Developer forum post provides some more in-depth detail:

Please let me know if this helps.


Hi donte.S;

According to docs on marketplace; there are only 2 values.
0 - Attendee
1- Host

If we join webinar by web SDK with role = 0, user join with attendee role, not panelist, we must promote user attendee to panelist manually.

After add panelist by APIs, there are response join_url with token value. I know that token is for user to join webinar with panelist role, but we can find out how to process this token on web SDK.

Please help us on more detail instructions.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Hi @anhnt,

You’re right, currently it is a manual process to join a participant as a Panelist role through the Web SDK. In the Web SDK, a participant will need to be joined as an attendee and then elevated to Panelist by a host. Good news is this feature is currently being worked on now, but we cannot provide an estimate at this time. It is coming soon though. To stay up-to-date with any new or upcoming features, check out the changelog and upcoming changes pages.


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Hi Donte.S

We hope that feature will be update soon.


Stay tuned here: :slight_smile:


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