Web SDK and Zoom Webinar panelist integration

I there,

I’m successfully able to run Zoom meetings since 1.7.4, thanks guys. Now, I try to better integrate/handle webinars. I have two issues:

  1. I generate signature with role 0|1 and that seems to work. BUT, if I pass the role as a meeting parameter (in the same object where are the email or passWord fields), nothing happens, and the meeting never start/the SDK never render the React app.

  2. If I generate a signature with role = 1 (and do not pass the role in the meeting option, see above point), I have this error message: “Not allow to start webinar from web.”

/**/localJsonpCallback({"status":false,"errorCode":3000,"errorMessage":"Ne pas permettre de démarrer des webinaires à partir du Web.","result":null});

Is this a current Web SDK known limitation (unable to be a panelist from the web) or did I miss something?

Thanks for your help

Hi @guillaume,

Right now the WebSDK does not support hosting Webinars or panelist. However, we are looking to having this feature in our next major release that is tentatively slated for later this month - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/getting-started/stay-up-to-date/upcoming-changes/web-sdk

Hey, are there any news regarding WebSDK support of Webinar?

Or is there any way to somehow control Webinar participants (Microphones, Video, Switching from Attendees to Panelist, etc.)


Hey @surguladze18,

Currently the Web SDK only supports Webinar Attendees, which cannot be allowed to talk or promoted to panelist.


What about other SDK-s? Is it possible in any of them?

Hey @surguladze18,

Feel free to ask in #mobile-sdk or #desktop-sdk


I’m also currently working on embedding a webinar via the Web SDK and have two questions for clarification:

  • Currently the Web SDK does not allow Webinar attendees to speak to others via audio nor to be seen with their video?
  • This will change on August 24 with the release of Web SDK 1.8?

Thanks for sharing the answers :slight_smile:

Hey @strytl,

Correct, we are adding support for panelists and hosts to join webinars in version 1.8.10. :slight_smile: