Joining a meeting when the phone is locked

I cannot join a meeting when an Android 10 phone is locked. I have an activity class that extends Activity and call setShowWhenLocked(true) and setTurnScreenOn(true). When call joinMeeting it looks like the sdk tries to load but is transparent. I think what is happening is the sdk starts another activity we loose the reference to these specific values in the new one. Is there a way to pass these global params to the new version of the SDK. I need the zoom sdk to be able to start an activity and call both those methods with the values I pass. This is only done android api level > 26, this feature seems to work below that.

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Android 10

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Hi @j.phillips,

Thanks for the post. Let me forward this to the engineering team and get back to you as soon as I heard back from them.


@Carson_Chen I am trying to implement joining a call from the lock screen. My app gets a notification, the phone rings, the user answers the call, and the user is placed in the call. This worked perfectly as of sdk version v4.4.55968.0904. This process does not work with the latest sdk. Even when implementing a custom UI, I find that the custom class does not run. Is there a way around this problem I am having?

I can tell you the user does not even connect to the meeting in the case the screen is locked, both when using the custom meeting ui as well as the default one.

There is a setting name zm_config_enter_meeting_from_lock_screen in the sdk, is this something I can use?

Oh an update, I was only able to use the custom UI by leaving out zoomSDK.getMeetingSettingsHelper().setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled(true); from my Activity.

When I do not include that but set zm_config_conf_activity to my custom class, it runs the custom class and I see the custom UI but in MeetingServiceImpl.class handleUriAction PTApp.getInstance().isSdkEnableCustomizedUI() && PreferenceUtil.readBooleanValue(“sdk_use_customized_meeting_ui”, false)) returns false

When I call zoomSDK.getMeetingSettingsHelper().setCustomizedMeetingUIEnabled(true) and setup the config file to point to the custom class it does nothing.

Hi @j.phillips,

Thanks for the reply. I am still working with the team on this issue you are facing. Your CSM has also contacted us regarding this issue. Once I have any updates, I will let you know.


@j.phillips have you achieved the incoming meeting call using the sdk? If so can you plz explain me about it.(Notifying the other user about the meeting)


Hey @thejaskumarsr,

No updates yet to this issue yet. Stay tuned.