Joining a zoom meeting using SDK

We have integrated the zoom sdk into our internal app and we shall use the same for scheduling meetings as well as for people to join meetings.

  1. I am able to create a meeting successfully through the SDK
  2. But at the time of joining the meeting, lets say I have sent this invite to 10 people, all the 10 people are able to join in
  3. However, when I try to join in (as the person who has created the meeting), it asks me for a passcode and also the meeting is not started until I log in to the web portal and start the meeting.
  4. But, If I schedule any meeting during the noon, then it does not ask me for the passcode and I am able to join directly.

Can you please provide a solution for the same so that I am able to login directly without entering the passcode or the logging into the web app and starting the meeting.

Hi @microbiagro9, native or WebSDK you are using?

We are using native SDK for both the Android and iOS versions

Please set role:1 to meeting join payload and also set the host email and try.

If still issue happening then please share details or screenshot here. Thanks

Thanks for the immediate reply, really appreciate it.
The issue is now resolved and i am able to login.
Thanks for the support.

@microbiagro9, Welcome & Thanks