Joining Google Calendar Meetings

I am creating a SaaS app similar to,, Airgram, and etc.

These apps connect the google calendar API and grab the meeting data from there on how to join. I am at that part. I have a meeting link like below

and other information. Now the issue I am facing is getting my service account in to the meeting. I could probably stand up a VM, install zoom and use selenium. I am also pretty sure that I can use the meeting api to add a registrant api.

However, I am also sure that would require server-to-server auth and I tried that, got hit with, ‘this is not a paid plan’ and couldn’t test if that was the case.

I would like to know of a way getting our bot account in to a meeting using the link and what solutions are available.

Ok so it looks like using server-to-server communication is not the way to do this. It looks like using the registrant api is not how to get a bot to join a meeting at all. I am getting this error now

Registration has not been enabled for this meeting: 88585210607.