Does adding registrant to meeting work for free accounts?

I attempted to get the join_url for a user on my platform so they don’t need to enter their name when entering a meeting. I used the API for adding a registrant located here -

What I got was a error message that says:
{“code”=>200, “message”=>"Only available for Paid user: "}

Does this endpoint not function for my free tier account? How do I get a free API trial (I saw there is a option for this).


How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Be on a free account
  2. Try the add a registrant and an existing scheduled meeting.

Hey @edwinthinks,

Most of our APIs do require a Paid Zoom Account. Although we are changing this a little in the future to give free plans more access:

As for requesting a free trial, please contact and mention you want a free trial to test our APIs.


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