Joining meeting not showing the default zoom meeting screen

Hi Team,

I’m using latest zoom android sdk. As per my understanding after joining a meeting zoom automatically opens default zoom meeting UI.

but i my case after joining meeting default zoom meeting UI not opening. Nothing will happen only notification show meeting in progress.

Can you please help here.


Hi @eryogesh,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Is this reproducible with our demo app? Could you provide the steps to reproduce this with our demo app?


Hi Team,

I have checked both demo app.

In example2 you are using meetingService.startMeetingWithParams which requires used must be login.

Inside sample project everything based on customizable UI.

As per the documentation

I have tried from above link. In this case default zoom meeting ui not opening.

Please help here.

Hi @eryogesh,

Thanks for the post. The sample project contains both Zoom default Ui and custom UI. Please try the following:

  1. In sample project, edit the, place your JWT token(You may follow the instruction here to generate JWT token:
  2. Build the app, then you will see some options like Email login, SSO login, API User, Join meeting, etc. If you have scheduled a meeting in advance, you may enter the meeting number and display name, and then join the meeting.
  3. Then the meeting UI should show up and join the meeting.

Besides generating the JWT token, no code needed for the above steps.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Thanks for the details.

Now i’m facing one more problem

I’m toggle between customized UI and Default UI based on the condition.

It will work only first time after installation of app in both cases.

After leaving meeting when we try to join in second time Zoom in meeting Notification is showing but default UI or Customized UI screen is not opening.

Can you please help here.

Also let me know in case of customized UI when we fire intent to start our customized activity.?

Hi @eryogesh,

Thanks for the reply. Is the situation you are mentioning reproducible with our demo app? Our demo app has a toggle to switch between Custom UI and default UI and I just tested it and I did not see the issue you are mentioning.