Potential Unity Integration with Zoom Android SDK

Hey, I have checked related posts for Unity integration but none of them provides proper solution, I have been trying to add zoom android sdk support to unity, I have been able to achieve below so far:

  • Successfully added all dependencies (.aar and .jar files) needed for the zoom sdk (for libraries commonlib and mobilertc)
  • Created a java class which extends from Activity, wrote function to InitializeZoom inside this class with JWT, called this java class function from unity and have successful zoom initialization (by manipulating unity main activity and context)
  • Added many different functions in same java class like onZoomSDKInitializeResult, onZoomAuthIdentityExpired, onMeetingParameterNotification, joinZoomMeeting, onMeetingStatusChanged etc
  • Could not use Meeting default UI as it fires up new activity which interfares with unity main activity causing it to crash or go into pause state, so instead used below code to enable custom UI:
  • Now I simply want to join a meeting with audio only using meeting no and password, checked documentation and wrote the implementation of joinMeetingWithParams. Also printed MeetingError (if any) and MeetingStatus (onMeetingStatusChanged) logs, did not work and I observed following weird behaviours:
  1. when I create new meeting on my system using same account which I used to generate JWT ( from appkey and appsecret), upon trying to join the meeting from unity, it gives below logs: (stuck on connnecting)
    Meeting Error: code: 0 , Start meeting successfully.
    Meeting STATUS: Connecting, error= 0, internal error= 0

  2. when I create meeting on my system using different account (other than which is used to create JWT for unity app), it gives below logs:
    Meeting Error: code: 0 , Start meeting successfully.
    Meeting STATUS: Connecting, error= 0, internal error= 0
    Meeting STATUS: FAILED, error= 100, internal error= 6601
    Meeting STATUS: Disconnecting, error= 0, internal error= 0
    Meeting STATUS: IDLE, error= 0, internal error= 0

Environment and settings used

  • unity 2022.3.5f1 LTS
  • zoom sdk android v5.15.5.15204
  • logcat to check device logs
  • app key and app secret are used for developement environment

I completely understand zoom sdk does not have proper support for unity, but im trying very best to use existing android sdk and implement minimum functionality inside unity. Currently been stuck, need guidance or direction what to do next to resolve issue (as im not much well versed in android) and have implementation which I could use to join a meeting with audio only.
Once im successful, would put everything on github and provide repo here so anyone coming after me could resume from where I left off.

looking forward for guidance, thanks

@humzakhalid99 ,

Unity is not support at this point in time, nonetheless I help you troubleshoot some other matters

Meeting STATUS: FAILED, error= 100, internal error= 6601 ← this error is related to joining a meeting outside of the account. If the SDK is trying to join an meeting hosted outside of the account, this error will be thrown.

You will either need to publish the application, or join a meeting which belongs to an account.

Please join this meeting with official zoom meeting client (error code:6601) what is the meaning of this error

@raman ,

Error 6601 means the SDK does not have permission to join meetings hosted outside of its account.

You will need to publish the Meeting SDK application fore the SDK can join external meetings.

Hi @chunsiong.zoom what hosted outside of its account means?

I’m referring to meetings which are created by users outside of the account (which the SDK is on)

thanks @chunsiong.zoom , you also mentioned that we can publish the Meeting SDK application for fixing this issue, does it means publishing the SDK that is shown in the screenshot instead of our own app, right?

@joe4 , yes you are right.

cool, thanks @chunsiong.zoom

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