Joining meeting timeout. Error Code: 3

On the web client. Not able to join any meeting it’s giving this error.
I’m able to join the same meeting when I run it on local but when trying the same on my deployed environment I face this issue.
All the config variables are passing same and correct though.

Browser Console Error

errorCode: 3
errorMessage: "Error Code: 3"
method: "join"
result: null
status: false

Which Web Meeting SDK version?


Device (please complete the following information):

  • Browser:All

I have the same ploblem. This is wierd. Where is the list of error codes??? What is mean “3”

I’m having the same issue as well. Has anyone found a solution to resolving this issue?

Found the solution:
It’s happening because of the recent update from Zoom about using the SDK key instead of the API key.

More details here:
On the 4th step in this process, you can see the same error demonstrated by this change.

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