Web-sdk does not connect to the meeting, displays message entering the meeting

Hello, I have a problem with the WEB-SDK zoom, it started showing errors in all meetings, I checked the chomer console and it doesn’t show any errors.

It only shows a message entering the meeting, I have tried several times and I am unsuccessful, we used 50 zoom accounts and several are showing this error.



We’re seeing this across the board, all meetings and webinars, confirmed even on the zoom hosted web SDK. Seems a system wide problem but status.zoom doesn’t recognize it yet.

On the zoom site itself their WebSDK is failing to join with error:

Something went wrong

The server encountered an internal error and was unable to process your request.

Error Code:3000

@tommy Could you check that out please, we work with telemedicine.

FWIW we are seeing this on some meetings but not others. Possibly user specific?

We are experiencing a similar error trying to connect to meetings and unable to join. It seems to only impact a specific meeting/user. An impacted meeting is meeting number 93384809560.

Here’s an example meeting ID having this problem 97450079638

We are having the same problem with the Web SDK 1.7.8. It just hangs on Join Meeting and never connects. There’s a timeout error message. The meeting has Waiting Room enabled.

And what’s different from before, is that the “joining meeting” spinner is showing for 30 - 60s before the error “Fail to join the meeting.” is being shown. We’ve seen this happen before but usually “Fail to join the meeting.” error shows immediately and the problem would resolve after a few minutes. This has lasted an hour or more.

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And FWIW we’re seeing this on zooms own hosted web UI

Hi I’m also facing the same problem

We’re having the same issue. Can anyone to help check as soon as possible? Our users cannot join the meeting now.

having same problem here

1.8.1 same problem… status.zoom keep says its ok

I am experiencing the same issue, do you have any update on this? I can’t operate at this moment.

Also it’s random, sometimes it works but most of the time it doesn’t. It looks like the server-side is having issues.

Hey @developer-whova, @vtorralbes, @spsantos, @stw, @dev-smabc, @flippyhead,

We are currently investigating this issue. I will post back here with updates. (CS-2371)



@tommy i am seeing this as well. Would it be possible to send a system wide broadcast regarding this.

Have been seeing this since about 11am EST.

We’re having the same issue, stays on joining for a long time then throws “Fail to join the meeting.” error.