Joining meeting timeout | Meeting is not started

I am using [

Video Conferencing with Zoom – WordPress plugin

]( The issue is with the join via browser


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Can someone help me out here?

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This “meeting is not started” means that you are trying to join a meeting as attendee while no host has started the meeting yet.

A meeting, after being created on zoom, has a status “waiting”. It means it’s waiting for the host of this meeting to start the meeting.
Thus, if no host has already joined and started the meeting, you will get this error when joining as a non host.
Usually you have the options like “participant can join before host”, or “waiting room” on meeting to prevent this error to be displayed depending on the behavior you prefer.

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@nvivot Thanks for the reply.

I already started the host user. And it’s working fine when we use zoom app (Desktop or Mobile). It’s only happen when we login via browser option.

Also join before host and waiting room enabled there in the meeting.

Hey @lrdeveloper,

Please reach out to the developer of the Wordpress plugin for support since they built the integration.

Thanks for your suggestions @nvivot! :slight_smile:



The screenshot above is purely from webSDK and i do not have control over the response sent by the SDK which is "meeting not started".

However, on my end and most of users end probably starting the meeting fixes this problem as the message clearly states that the meeting has not started yet but i do have some users report this problem to me. Please escalate this if possible.


Hey @techies23,

Thanks for adding this.

@lrdeveloper if you share the meeting UUID I can debug why you got this error message if the meeting was indeed already started.