Meeting not started error

Hi all,
I am new to zoom APIs and web SDK. I cloned a sample web app provided by zoom.

I red a lot about current zoom APIs also. I tried creating new meetings with POST API({userId}/meetings). I am successfully able to create meetings. I do this from my server side with our paid account credentials. Here the host is my server and the participant can be anyone to whoever my server sends this meeting id details to.

But when I send the newly created meeting id to clientside for joining participants, they are not able to join. In the client side, I am using ZoomMtg.join() js API.
Participants getting an error with code 3008(Meeting not started).

How can a participant successfully join a meeting created this way?

Hey @vantakusaikumar, welcome to our forum and API!

Can you tell me what you are passing in for the type field?


Two possible solutions for you:

  1. Make sure your participants are joining after the start_time field in the request body. If they try to join before it will say Meeting not started

  2. You could try setting the join_before_host to true in the request body settings

Let me know if this helps! If you are still getting that error, we can try something else! :slight_smile: