Joining meeting timeout. The signature has expired

I’m trying to integrate zoom meetings into our project, and here’s the thing:
With the sample app on my dev environment everything works as intended, but as soon as I deploy
on the test server I keep getting the same error “The signature has expired”.

I’ve already read a number of topics which suggest to check server time settings, but it doesn’t work and also I can’t see how timezone affects signature checks. I’m generating signature with a suggested PHP signature generating code. Also problem with expiration seems quite dim to me. Even with the sample app signature generated time points to some distant future DateTime. Same does my signature generating code. But sample app works on local, but not on the test machine.

So what’s wrong and how signature gets actually expired?

Hey @devster ,

Happy to help! Double check that the time on your server is UTC.

That being said, if you want us to take a look at your signature, please send it to


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