"Joining meeting timeout" when joining a meeting with web sdk 2.4.5


  • A modal appears when joining a meeting with web sdk 2.4.5 and it says “Joining meeting timeout Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.”
  • It was working a few days ago with the same code.
  • I tried to regenerate the sdk secret, create a new meeting, and connect to another network, but none of them helped.
  • Everything is fine except the modal. In other words, all features work when I hide the modal with css (display: none).

Browser Console Error
No error log at all in the console.

Which Web Meeting SDK version?

Meeting SDK Code Snippets

      leaveUrl: window.location.href,
      success: (res) => {
        const params = new URLSearchParams(window.location.search);
        const joinOptions = JSON.parse(params.get('o'));
          success: (res) => {
          error: (res) => {
      error: (res) => {

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Build a sample app to join a meeting with Client View SDK.
  2. Click ‘Join’ button
  3. The modal appears

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: Macbook Pro (14-inch, 2021)
  • OS: macOS Monterey 12.3.1
  • Browser: Chrome
  • Browser Version 102.0.5005.115 (Official Build) (arm64)

Hi, @gyumin,

Welcome to the Developer Forum and thank you for posting. That behavior sounds like a bug. Are you using the Local or CDN? I will work to reproduce on my end and create an internal ticket to have this investigated further if needed.

I am using the CDN. Thank you for your investigation.

Today, it still show the same modal but now the connection isn’t made (hiding the modal by css doesn’t help anymore). It started to produce an error message to the console instead:

{type: 'VIDEO', evt: 'ERROR', errorCode: 'NOT_CONNECTED', data: undefined}

by the error handler of ZoomMtg.join().

The "typ": "JWT" field was missing in my JWT header for the SDK authorization.
I hope it would have better error message.
Thanks, anyway.


Glad to hear you were able to resolve the described behavior. Linking our documentation on Generate the SDK JWT for reference:

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