Joining webinar with custom UI failed

Hi @meldur,

Thanks for the reply. The C# wrapper is a community project so we do not have a dedicated person working on it and it does not have all the interfaces. Since the C# wrapper is a wrapper over the Windows SDK, so if an interface that is available in Windows SDK, then it could be added to the C# wrapper.

If you would like to add the interfaces that you are mentioning, you may refer to my answer here to add a bridge call to the Windows SDK: [Windows SDK, C#] I cant found AskAttendeeToStartVideo in DLL library

And the interfaces that you are looking for are located in meeting_configuration_dotnet_wrap.h :

  • Add_CB_onInputMeetingPasswordAndScreenNameNotification
  • Add_CB_onAirPlayInstructionWndNotification

Hope this helps. Thanks!