Zoom custom ui does not let to join a meeting

I tried the custom ui for create a video meeting but when a user wants to join , the meeting screen doesnt allow me to accept the new user. it doesnt display any message or something to accept it . any idea how to fix it ?
**Device **

  • PC
  • OS: [ Windows 10]

Hi @ocampos97,

Thanks for the post. The custom UI in the demo app is a showcase of how to develop the major features in SDK, it might not cover all the cases like the default Zoom UI does. If you have enabled the waiting room, you may leverage the interfaces in IMeetingParticipantsController(https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-windows/class_i_meeting_participants_controller.html) and the callbacks in IMeetingParticipantsCtrlEvent(https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-windows/class_i_meeting_participants_ctrl_event.html) to get the attendee in the waiting room and admit the user.

Hope this helps. Thanks!