JS SDK version 1.3.5 is live

Hello Dev Community,

We’re excited to announce the our JS SDK version 1.3.5 is now live. One of the main features is now you can join webinars from your browser.
For a complete list of features see our change log - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/guides/welcome/recent-updates/web-sdk

Get started by trying out our sample app here - https://github.com/zoom/sample-app-web.

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I am trying out the sample app for the web SDK . I have it running but when i try to click “join” nothing happens and the join button is not called? anything i am missing because i followed the quick start guide

Hi @B_Cunningham,

Do you have your API key secret in place? Can you include the error function callback within your join function and see if any errors show up within your browser’s console?


yes i have the API key and secret in place, will have to debug the button but couldn’t find any errors so far

Hi @B_Cunningham,

Can you see if an error shows up in the console? Also, does your join method look similar to the screenshot below.

Thanks Mike,

I was able to get it to work, but now i get alot of camera not responding on multiple browsers. Also noticed it inst working on my mobile. Any ideas?

was wondering if you can confirm the video works on mobile. i added the isSupportAV to true but the user on the mobile end using any browser just shows black screen

Hi @Brandon_Cunningham,

Yes the video works on mobile as well. Does it work when you’re using desktop to desktop? What mobile device is the user using? Can you provide a screenshot for both users?


Thanks Mike, ill try to do some debuging and get you a screen shot.

Hey @michael_p.zoom found out what my issue was. So chrome requires you to have a secure connection to allow video and microphone within the browser. So i had to stand up a server with a cert to get it working correctly. One thing I am still working on is the getting the video to be forced on both the Desktop web user and the mobile user. Any param i can use to force video on for both. I still cant seem to get the phone users video to work either.

Hi @Brandon_Cunningham,
We’re glad that you were able to figure your issue out and yes your browser would need an SSL connection for video and mic to work.
Right now, we don’t have a param to force video, both users will have to enable the feature when the meeting starts. We can take a look at that feature set and ask our Engineers to develop it for a future release.

For the phone users, the design may not be responsive yet, do you see the control panel at the bottom? You might have to hold your finger at the bottom screen for a few seconds. Would you be able to provide a screenshot?


Hi, i tried to connect with my browser Chromium (version 71) with the option:

disableJoinAudio: true

but the browser raise an errorchromium

Hi, when I install zoom-meeting-1.3.5.min.js, I get an error :

Does this mean I must include react to run JS SDK, but why?

Hi, currently the webinar option doesn’t support registered webinar, may I know when do JS SDK plan to support joining registered webinar?

Hi @wei17091,

We currently don’t have a timeline of when the JS SDK will support registered webinars. We’ll make an announcement within our docs and this forum when it gets supported.

Is the JS SDK has a dependency on React?

Hi @h1016j,

Yes, the current version of the JS SDK does have a dependency on React.

Hi, i have a project in react and i need use zoom. My question is: How can i install zoom-meeting-1.3.7 by npm???

Hi @rodrigo,

Currently our JS SDK is not on NPM we are looking to include it in npm later on this month. When it’s release we’ll make an announcement.


Thanks @michael_p.zoom

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