JSON formatting for post requests (Error 300)

I’m struggling with POST requests and the JSON formatting of the content in the request body. For example, if I merely use the create a meeting API and programmatically use ‘type’: 1 in my qs field (using request-promise in node) I get an error 300 “Request Body should be a valid JSON object.”.
Now I’ve tried it in Postman as well but if someone could pls point out how to properly format the JSON for a post request using an example, that would be wonderful.

Hey @kamal,

Can you post your JSON request body so I can reproduce the issue?


Hey @tommy
thanks for your quick reply and I’ve seen my mistake in my code just when you responded. The problem was that I accidentally had qs (query string parameters) instead of body aka there was no body being passed to the API. I suppose the API provides the standard error 300 response in this case. Hence, problem is me, not the API.

No problem! Happy to help!

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