JWT App - Host join via Client SDK


Our organization has a Zoom Pro account and we have provisioned users on Zoom in our organization. We are working on a JWT app to create meetings using the API for each of the provisioned users as and when they need.

The question is: if a meeting is created using the account JWT credentials and /users/{userId}/meeting API endpoint, would our provisioned users be able to launch and join the created meeting using the Zoom Client SDKs without logging in (by using the ZAK token) or would they necessarily have to launch the meeting via the Zoom app?

Thanks for answering!

Hi @moogway,

Great question. :slight_smile:

To clarify, if a user is provisioned under your account, and you create a meeting for that user under your account using the Create Meeting API, that user would be able to launch meetings from the Zoom Client SDKs. Depending on the SDK, the flow may vary for using a ZAK token, however—so I recommend posting a thread in the specific SDK channel to confirm.


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