One JWT APP for three servers and concurrent web hook subscription issue

We have three servers test, stage, production and one zoom account , in that I created a JWT app and we are using the webinar_started , webinar_ended web hooks. I want these three servers subscribe to this two webhooks, and it should be done independently like if i start the webinar on test server, those hooks should not hit my stage and production ones. In order to tackle this, i want to create three different JWT APP’s for test, stage and production since the APP credentials are different it will not hit the other servers , but zoom is not allowing me to create more than one JWT app, so how can i solve this issue.

@tommy please reply , I didn’t received the response for my question

Hi @vasanth,

As JWT Apps are account wide apps with Admin-level permissions, you can only have 1 JWT app per account. It’s not possible to create several different JWT apps under a given account.

If you wish to have several different apps for testing under your account, you can create a Webhook Only App or an OAuth App, as these allow you to create several apps under the same account, and both support webhooks.


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