JWT App to S2S OAuth Migration Issue with Webhook

I am now switching web-hook integration from JWT app to S2S OAuth app as required by Zoom.

I have created a new S2S OAuth application to mimic the JWT application and configured its web-hook end-point to call our testing server web-hook callback. The end-point URL has been correctly validated. The S2S OAuth application has the same event subscriptions as the JWT application. Also, the S2S OAuth application has “View all user meetings /meeting:read:admin” and “View and manage all user meetings /meeting:write:admin” scopes added.

Thus, both JWT and S2S OAuth apps are running in parallel, the first directed to the production server, the second directed to the testing server.

However, whenever I create a meeting, join it and leave it, I receive all events (meeting.started, meeting.participant_joined, meeting.ended, meeting.participant_left) correctly to our production JWT app web-hook end-point, but I receive none or just some events to the testing web-hook end-point.

Here is an example event I have RECEIVED on the testing server:
{“payload”:{“account_id”:“bf0x5NALT-aPMVNN1UCVfA”,“object”:{“uuid”:“6GuuT2XwTVWKPBJa9SyQuA==”,“participant”:{“user_id”:“16778240”,“user_name”:“Teacher @ XXX",“participant_user_id”:“nNFtDasxRF6y6DnOdsMrEA”,“id”:“nNFtDasxRF6y6DnOdsMrEA”,“join_time”:“2023-07-04T08:47:18Z”,“email”:"teacher@XXX.com”,“participant_uuid”:“52173B68-0803-A0C8-5B87-612E5F5AD835”},“id”:“81959135488”,“type”:3,“topic”:“XXX Classroom 1”,“host_id”:“nNFtDasxRF6y6DnOdsMrEA”,“duration”:60,“start_time”:“2023-07-04T08:47:18Z”,“timezone”:“America\/Los_Angeles”}},“event_ts”:1688460441034,“event”:“meeting.participant_joined”}

For this particular test, I received meeting.participant_joined and meeting.participant_left events but I haven’t received meeting.started and meeting.ended events.

My understanding is that both web-hook end-points (production JWT and testing S2S OAuth) should receive the same events. This clearly doesn’t happen for unknown reasons.

Our business processes are heavily integrated with web-hook meeting events and I can’t just switch production without testing everything carefully. How should I continue?

Hi @imlask
Thanks for reaching out to us, I am happy to help here!
I am going to send you a private message so you can share more specific details about your integrations so I can take a closer look, please make sure to follow up there