JWT authentication and Zoom marketplace



We currently use API Keys feature (with JWT token auth model). We found out that in February API Keys will be moved to Marketplace section. But we didn’t find a way to publish our application to marketplace because of JWT account-level authentication model. And we were not able to create more than one application with JWT auth (for using by third-party trusted customers for example).

What was the intention of moving API keys to marketplace section? What is long-term strategy for application that use JWT auth? Should we aim to publish our app to marketplace or work with third-party trusted clients in a private manner?

Thank you.


We wanted to move the entire developer program under one “roof”. When you develop on our platform you have a choice to publish or not publish. Moving these credentials to the marketplace has no affect on your app and does not require that you publish it. You can continue working with these trusted clients using JWT just as you always have.