Marketplace does not allow publishing JWT app


We have an app in our software that was developed using JWT authentication. This is the preferred method for server to server apps according to the documentation:

I see that our app has been migrated to the marketplace framework, but we are unable to publish it because of the authentication method. To publish, it appears it must be an OAuth flow. Is this the intended direction permanently or will JWT apps be publishable at some point?


Hi @Troy_Michels,

Currently, JWT apps are designed not to be published in the marketplace since these types of apps are intended to be a server to server app and not user installed based apps. This follows the same flow as JWT apps that were apart of our site.

Right now for the foreseeable future, JWT apps will be unpublished. Is there a particular use case that you have in mind that needs a JWT app to be publishable?



Thanks for the response, Michael. Our application helps Training Organizations schedule training, and when it is scheduled, it can automatically create a Zoom meeting on behalf of the instructor under that instructor’s zoom account at the appropriate date and time.

The scheduling is done by administrators, not the instructors themselves. As such, the connection between the accounts is intended to be an administrative level for both Administrate and Zoom. The JWT flow is simpler to install and not tied to a given user as with OAuth which would require a new validation in the case that the authorizing user is to leave the organization.