JWT to OAUTH Migration

Hi there,

We have an internal facing application that creates a generated email and password for a zoom (host) account that the end user is unaware of. This account then creates an adhoc meeting that then gets sent to the user’s selected participants.

We are using autoCreate method API call

We have not had any issues with doing this JWT. Upon switching to Oauth we are getting the following error message: “Domain name doesn’t match. Please contact the Zoom Customer Support to set managed domains for your account.”

We have the email subdomain verified in the Zoom admin portal. However, the subdomain’s actual DNS entry is inactive publicly as of 6 months ago. We are in the process of re-instating the DNS entry, although the inactive DNS entry has not been a problem with the JWT version.

We are wanting to confirm that reactivating the DNS entry will solve our issue, or are there potentially other issues that we need to be aware of.


This shouldnt happen as long as the user’s token is from the same account and has permissions to create another user via “autocreate”. I can take a closer look at this if you dm me the details.