Webinar action "pending"

PUT /webinars/{webinarId}/registrants/status requires “action” field in the request body. Allowed values: approve, cancel, deny

pending” action is missing. there’s no way to revert a registrant to “pending” status, once he’s approved or canceled/denied.


Hi @oori

Could you explain your use case for “pending” and what did you want that state to reflect?


Thanks for your quick reply.

We have a Webinar. where registrants are created programmatically from our system.
The Webinar is set to “Manual approval”, so when we create the registrants, they’re all pending. On the day of the Webinar, we manually (via Zoom interface) set them all to approved, and they get the confirmation email with the details.

But - in the days before the event, our scripts sync the state from our system to Zoom. if a user was disabled on our system, it’s changed to cancel on the Webinar. (Why both cancel and deny action?? it’s unclear)
Still, the opposite can also happen, ie. a disabled users says he’s actually coming, then our script needs to set him in the Webinar back to pending.

We can bypass this, by changing our procedures (postponing the sync to last day, hoping to do this data exchange only once), but it would really be more consistent if we could just set the status back to pending.

As a side note: There’s no clear way how to REMOVE registrant. I read on the forum that you dev say it’s intended. But, aside from disagreeing, I saw that you actually DO have this functionally, but it’s unpublished. When one registers to an event via form, the next confirmation screen provides a “cancel registration” link, which deletes the registrant completely from the Webinar. I’ve checked, and saw it works regardless to the registrants approval status. So - it is possible to delete registrants. Having that, would help resolve sync issues as well.


Hi @oori that makes sense! Thanks for explaining your use case. I can understand how it would be a useful option. However, we cannot implement it on the APIs unless the revert to pending option is also available on our Product. I would suggest that you submit your feedback here so that someone from the Product team can get notified about this issue: https://zoom.us/feed

For #2 (confusion around deleting registrant completely), I will take this feedback to the API team and see if we can provide a similar option to delete the registrant data completely similar to the cancellation process on the registrant’s end.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


Thanks for your reply.

If you expose the delete webinar registrant function, we could bypass the changeStatusToPending feature request.

Hey @oori,

cancel is essentially the user withdrawing their registration. You could simply register them again which will bring them back to the pending state.