JWT Verify Failed

I am trying to integrate zoom video sdk in my php laravel project and i have created everything required but i am getting jwt verify failed error
(I am developing this for first time)
public function generateZoomToken()
// Your Zoom API Key and Secret
$apiKey = ‘’;
$apiSecret = ‘’;
$sdkKey = ‘’;
$sdkSecret = ‘’;
$iat = time() - 30;
$expiration = $iat + 7200;
$payload = [
“app_key”=> $sdkKey,
“role”=> 1,
“tpc”=> ‘ZoomTest’,
“version”=> 1,
“iat”=> $iat,
“exp”=> $expiration
$jwtToken = JWT::encode($payload, $apiSecret, ‘HS256’,);
$topic = ‘ZoomTest’;
$username = ‘Rohit’;
$token = Session::put(‘token’, $jwtToken);
$topic = Session::put(‘topic’,$topic);
$username = Session::put(‘username’,$username);

    return redirect()->route('zoomVideo');

@rohit2 Hope you will be fine.

Here is the session how to integrate Video SDK and generate JWT Token?


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