I am using video SDK and 5 august suddenly video not connect may i know what is issues

$secret = env(‘ZOOM_SDK_SECRET’);
$payload = array(
“app_key” => env(‘ZOOM_SDK_KEY’),
“role_type”=> (int)$userRole,
“session_key” => (string)$jobId,
‘exp’ => time() + 7200,

            $token=\Firebase\JWT\JWT::encode($payload, $secret, 'HS256');
            $data['token'] = $token;
            return $data;

i am using this code for generate JWT auth token

@tejpratap ,

Are you familiar with the SDK Minimum version policy?
If you are using Video SDK Web, you need to be on 1.4.1 and above on 5th August onwards.
Any version below that will not be able to join / start a session.

Yes i’am using macOS 1.3.1 version

@tejpratap you need to upgrade to newer versions of Video SDK.

I’m recommending you to upgrade to 1.8.5 (latest web version) or macOS 1.8.5 (latest macOS version)

After upgrading it is working fine