I'm using video SDK and I create Zoom Access Token using JWT is it affected after end of life JWT apps we need to change anything in our code..?

$secret = env('ZOOM_SDK_SECRET');
            $payload = array(
                "app_key" => 'ZOOM_SDK_KEY',
                "role_type"=> 'userRole',
                "session_key" => 'Id',
                'exp' => time() + 7200,

            $token=\Firebase\JWT\JWT::encode($payload, $secret, 'HS256');
            $data['token'] = $token;

above code for create zoom access token we need to change any thing after JWT App deprecated

duplicate to thread I am using video SDK and 5 august suddenly video not connect may i know what is issues - #3 by tejpratap

Solved: upgrade SDK Version to minimum supported version