Keyboard stops working during zoom session

I am having the most bizarre input issue on my keyboard while in a seminar using the zoom client. Each week, one of my classes meets via zoom for roughly three hours. Each time this happens, at some point in the session, my keyboard stops registering certain keys. At first, it’s the left modifiers. Then alphas and spacebar stops registering. This happens across all apps. It’s not just within zoom, but I have only been able to reproduce this issue during my weekly scheduled zoom session.

I have tried: updating all USB drivers; switching the USB port on the motherboard; switching the USB cable to eliminate the possibility of a cable issue.

The issue is able to be reversed by unplugging and replugging in the keyboard. However, this does not fix the issue permanently during the zoom session. Eventually, the process repeats.

I spend ~8-10 hours per day on my desktop and never have this issue except during my weekly zoom session. I have perused the forums to see if the issue is a known one, but have found nothing. I welcome any suggestions.

Which version?
Current version of desktop zoom client

Hi @justinwalsh,

Thanks for the post. It seems like you are facing issues with our Zoom client. I really would like to help, but this is out of the scope of what this forum is for(This forum is for Marketplace Apps) and we have no insight to the questions in Zoom client. Please provide feedback to or try to contact Zoom client support at and one of the Zoom experts will be happy to assist you.

Thank you.