Landing page url with multi-tenant app

We are a multi-tenant cloud platform, where each one of our customers has a unique subdomain (and frequently have custom domains).

We have completed api integration development, and our oauth integration app will be the “install from landing page” type (so that only our customers can install from the marketplace and we can identify them).

For submission to the marketplace, how do I specify a “Direct landing URL” when each customer’s login page in under their own domain?

Hey @ttolle,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and good question.

To clarify, is each customer’s landing page going to be its own unique domain entirely, or just a unique sub domain? If you’re using sub domains, you should be able to specify the main domain in your submission.

Let me know—thanks!

Hi Will,

Yes, each customer is entirely under their own domain (so their login page, the deep linked zoom landing page, etc, are all under their own domain). We don’t have a “main” login page that resolves which customer the user belongs to, but rather each customer has their own branded login on their own domains.

I’d prefer to exclusively initiate the oauth connection from within our application, but I don’t believe thats possible since we are required to publish to the marketplace (and since we’re publishing to the marketplace, I think I have to support a single “landing url”).

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Hey @ttolle,

Thanks for clarifying. Our current OAuth flow doesn’t support unique domains for landing page URLs I’m afraid (though it’s a great suggestion).

Have you considered trying to redirect your customers from a single URL, perhaps leveraging the state parameter in the OAuth flow to pass certain details?


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