Landing page requirement for OAuth

Hello, I have a platform where I want to let users connect their Zoom account to their platform account, so they can create a Zoom meeting from this platform directly. Currently, I’m trying to use the option where my users can use a landing page for authorization. However, I have some questions regarding the requirement that I couldn’t understand:

  1. Is there a sample flow for this landing page? If there’s a sample product with such landing page, it will be really helpful.

  2. Is the purpose of this landing page to enable users to login into my platform, then login into their Zoom account if they haven’t already, then authorize my platform to connect with their Zoom account?

  3. Is there another way beside using landing page for logging into my platform? My platform has multiple tenants where each tenants can have similar email. Some users can have an account on multiple tenants and if possible, we want a single landing page for multiple tenants. If there’s a way to look for specific account in multiple tenant databases, I will appreciate it.

Thanks for the help!

Hello @eddywiry22

Please review the following it should answer all your questions.

The Direct Landing URL should take logged-in users to a page in your app where they can integrate with Zoom, and non-logged-in users to a page where they first log in.
Please review our landing page requirements at Submission Checklist Here is the documentation for OAuth with Zoom as well: OAuth for user authorized apps

For Question 3 depends on the type of App your creating you can give them the option to install directly from the marketplace. If you don’t have the option it means the app type you are creating doesn’t have the option.

Regards, Kwaku

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