Please let me know if this method is permissible and if there are any improvements for OAuth App

Dear Sir or Madam

We are preparing to submit an OAuth application to the marketplace.

I read the following developer forum article beforehand.

Our product, with which the OAuth application works with, is a
multi-tenant cloud platform, with a login page for each customer, and
felt similar to this article.

In order to integrate and de-integrate, the destination site must be identified.
We are considering creating an intermediate system to fulfill the requirements for marketplace publishing: that apps can be added from the landing page, and that deauthorization of apps from the marketplace is possible. Please let me know if this approach is permissible in the first place and if there are any improvements that could be made.

Please see the attached configuration diagram.

We want to somehow make this work…
Please help us.


Hi @nidev , yes the landing site option sounds per permissible. Here’s more guidance:

Thanks for your reply.
I will proceed with the preparation of the application!

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