Language Settings

The language setting has no effect

Which version?


Thanks for the post. Did you get the language values from the getLanguageArray method( If you pass unsupported language string to the setPreferLanguage method, it will have no effect.


I from get the language values from the getLanguageArray but back to me “follow system language”,But I want to set it to Chinese, what should I do?

Only contain ‘follow system language’ means your app doesn’t support any language. You can refer to the resource file path and file name in our demo app.

Hi Carson_Chen
Thank for your reply !
I used zoom-sdk-macos like the picture

I used getLanguageArray The return value is (
“follow system language”
I want to use setPreferLanguage to set the language to Chinese or English. but I do not know How to reference a resource file path and file name?Can you tell me how to do
Thank you very much

Have you solved the problem ,I also met the same problem, can exchange the experience with me
Thank you

Hi wangh,

Thanks for your reply. You may refer to this reply: Electron mac sdk default language ? for the answer of your questions.

Hope this helps. Thanks!