Last_client_version is delayed

last_client_version doesn’t seem to be updated frequently

I update my own Zoom client to 5.0 on Monday 4/27/2020. I ran a report today (Wednesday 4/29/2020) in java using the REST API and getting the last_client_version object for each user. For my profile, it returns 4.6.20033.0407(win) which was the old version. I am currently running 5.0. I have closed out of Zoom, restarted, and have started meetings as the presenter since I updated to 5.0. Can you tell me how often that object is updated? We are trying to make sure all our users are upgraded to 5.0.


Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
I start by getting users from the main account:

Then I cycle through the subaccounts and get users from there:

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:
Request a user via REST API and see if the last_client_version matches

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Additional context
One screen shot shows my Zoom console and shows I have 5.0 installed.
The other screen shot shows the data that exported to Excel from the API and shows version 4.6.20033.0407(win)


This also seems to be the case with the last_login_time object in the main User object.

Hey @adam.frost,

There is a 3 day buffer for the last_login_time and last_client_version. You should see it updated now. (ZOOM-131387)


Hi @tommy, thanks for the reply. Is that standard and there will always be a 3 day buffer? Or is it just for when major new releases happen? Seems a little pointless to have the buffer when we need updated information in real time. Thoughts?


Hey @adam.frost,

Due to our current design it is standard. I will keep you updated on any plans to improve this.