The client version provided via the Webhook differs from the real one

I’ve got such event:

“event”: “user.signed_in”,
“payload”: {
“account_id”: “”,
“object”: {
“date_time”: “2021-05-05T16:12:13Z”,
“login_type”: 100,
“id”: “”,
“client_type”: “linux”,
“version”: “5.5.6981.0202”,
“email”: “my@email
“event_ts”: 1620231133111

So it is assumed that the version of my Zoom Client is 5.5.6981.0202

But actually:


Is it possible to get correct version of my Zoom client via the Webhook?

Hi @viktor.shumik,

Thanks for sharing this with us. Is it possible to share the full/exact payload with us and your email associated with the account/client at This will help us to take a closer look.


Hi @will.zoom
Sorry for the delay

Last full event: {“event”:“user.signed_in”,“payload”:{“account_id”:"",“object”:{“date_time”:“2021-05-20T11:44:33Z”,“login_type”:100,“id”:"",“client_type”:“chromeos”,“version”:“5.0.4285.0509”,“email”:""}},“event_ts”:1621511073650}

and current Zoom client:

Hi @viktor.shumik,

Thanks for sharing this. We’re looking into this! (ZOOM-275657)


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