Launch an already-installed Zoom Application manually (API for creating a ZoomMtg link)

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Our application gives users the option to choose how to conduct their conferences.
A: Use Zoom integrated within the app
B: Use the native Zoom app installed on their machine

A is easy since it’s already supported.

B is not. What we do is secretly access the start_url / join_url link and wait for the browser to generate the zoommtg link which allows us to open the native Zoom app. The issue here is that it’s not consistent. There are times when no zoommtg link gets generated at all, so it’s practically buggy.

Describe the solution you’d like
The main thing we want is to consistently launch the Zoom application already installed on the user’s machine. Introducing an API that generates a zoommtg link should suffice. Alternatively, you can fix the issue with the inconsistency of the zoommtg link generation on start_urls / join_urls.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
We’ve considered generating a zoommtg link of our own since we already have all the information we need to join a meeting (do we?) but there’s no documentation for it.